5 Reasons to Try Tri-Blend this Summer

By Josh Clark

Tri-blend is a summer-ready fabric cruising into the mainstream. If you’ve ever enjoyed a poly-cotton t-shirt, then tri-blend might be for you. In addition to the polyester and cotton, tri-blends have a percentage of rayon. The advantages of these three materials work together, offering a fabric you just have to try. Here are our top 5 reasons to try tri-blend this summer.


1. It’s cool

Polyester and rayon are both lightweight materials, so tri-blend t-shirts and tanks are a breeze to wear. Plus tri-blend is fast-drying, another cool factor. The breathability of rayon and cotton help keep the heat down as well.

2. You’ll look stylin’

Tri-blend tees are stylish with a vintage, retro look. The blend of different yarns creates a heathered effect of different shades of color. This killer texture makes custom tri-blend garments cool options for concerts, festivals, clubs, and colleges. It’s even making way into sportswear by revitalizing the track tee.

3. The silky-soft comfort

While the color looks textured, tri-blends are totally smooth. Tri-blend fabrics have an incredible, silky-soft hand thanks to the smooth properties of poly and rayon. The soft, comfy knit is great for wearing on a warm summer day.

4. A slimming effect

Rayon helps tri-blend tees drape to stay close to the body. The result is a streamlined, slim look. You can trust tri-blend to make you look good!

5. Easy care ability

With wash-well ability, tri-blends are in for the long run. You can expect tri-blend tees and tanks to hold shape through tons of machine washes thanks to the durable polyester. Plus the fabric only gets better as you wash it, and any worn-in effect just adds to the vintage appeal.

Now that tri-blend is hot, the time is here to wear one to both cool down and look cool. Let us know what you think of tri-blend!

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