Why Landscape Uniforms are Good for Business

By Josh Clark

Working in the landscaping industry, your employees may get dirty, sweaty and disheveled. You already know this and many homeowners probably expect it. Even so, keeping up with appearances is important, and aiming to look professional can do wonders for your business. Landscape uniforms can help your team make a good first impression on new jobsites and even improve your employees’ work ethic.


Homeowners who take pride in their lawns want to hire landscaping companies who offer professional experience and reliable skills. Even if your small landscaping company has these traits, potential clients might not know it based on your employees’ work attire. Outfitting your team in clean-cut polo shirts can create a professional look that instantly makes your company appear more credible. On top of that, if you display your logo clearly for others to see, clients will take your business more seriously. There’s no need to be flashy. Dark-colored polo shirts paired with khakis or a nice pair of jeans can create the sharp look you want.

Landscape uniforms are great for first impressions, and they are also good for morale and work ethic! Employees who put on a uniform feel a part of the team, and they are more likely to take pride in their work and therefore work harder. When your team puts on their uniforms, you can expect each member to put more effort and care into each project in order to represent their company well. And as you know, productivity is good for business.

Your team works hard and deserves to be comfortable while doing so. Wearing old t-shirts and jeans may seem like a comfortable idea, but they do little to actually keep you comfortable. High-quality polo shirts that are designed with moisture-wicking, stain-resistant and antimicrobial finishes allow your team to work hard without becoming dirty, smelly or doused in sweat.

Both your company and its individual clients can benefit from landscape uniforms. Check out the selection of polo shirts from Clothing Warehouse, as well as our embroidery services, to create a uniform that impresses.

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