Meet the New Fabric on the Block: Modal

By Josh Clark

Modal, a lesser-known type of fabric, is entering the clothing scene. What is modal?  This up-and-coming fabric has similar characteristics to cotton cloth but has extra benefits, and it’s making way into tons of trendy t-shirts and tanks. Read on to discover all about this new fabric–and see if it fits your style!

Meet the New Fabric on the Block - Modal

Modal is a type of rayon

Rayon fibers are made from the wood pulp of all sorts of trees, whereas modal is made only using Beechwood. Both fabrics are semi-synthetic materials, or partially natural. Rayon and modal are made when the natural cellulose of the wood pulp is chemically manufactured into a fiber.

Like all rayons, modal has a fantastic drape, a silky touch, and an ultra-light feel. It’s a nice flowy fabric to keep you cool and comfortable in warm spring and summer months. Unlike rayon, modal has a high wet-strength, so it resists stretching out.

Similar cotton characteristics

Modal is similar to cotton. Like cotton, modal is soft, absorbent, and breathable. Its openness to dyes makes it a fine candidate for custom screen printing. In fact, it is twice as water-absorbent as cotton. Its only real drawback is that is tends to wrinkle like cotton, but there’s always an iron for that!

Other advantages of modal

Modal has performance features that cotton lacks, such as shrink- , pill-, and fade-resistance. It stays in good shape and keeps softness through many washings and wears. A 100% modal shirt, or a modal blend one, is sure to last.

These handy facts should help when clothes shopping for your next tee or tank, or when looking into a custom-decorated one. Try a few fashion-forward styles made from this flowy and soft fabric. Tell us what you think of the modern material!

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