How to Select the Best Restaurant Bar Uniforms

By Josh Clark

While some employees might perform their duties behind the scenes, your waiters, bartenders and hosts are center stage and helping customers nonstop. Finding a restaurant bar uniform that represents your business well and makes your team feel empowered is therefore essential. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

How to Select the Best Restaurant Bar Uniforms for Your Staff

1.Identify your brand

What type of restaurant do you own? Is it a casual diner or burger joint? A fast-food chain? Or is your restaurant a more upscale place? Defining your brand and determining how you want to be perceived will help you select a uniform that projects the right image. A black V-neck t-shirt would be appropriate for a laidback sports bar, while an upscale establishment might prefer a white button-up shirt with black slacks.

2.Stand out

There are various ways to make your restaurant stand out to customers, from the décor you hang to the bar uniforms you choose. If you have an edgier joint, consider screen-printing an amusing phrase or a unique design that will catch the eyes of customers and give your place a hip vibe. Colors, too, can help employees make a statement. Consider a bold red or a bright shade of blue if it makes sense for your restaurant. Tipped collars or other contrast details can make a stylish statement.

3.Select performance fabrics

Employees who serve drink and food all day are in a constant battle not to spill (on customers or themselves!) Solve this by going for a uniform or shirt that hides the stains and doesn’t let them set in. A dark black top or button-up is an easy way to hide any mishaps. Look for stain-resistant features so you don’t have to replace uniforms regularly. When deciding on fabrics, poly-cotton blends are the way to go. Shirts made of poly-cotton are not only easy to wash but wrinkle-resistant and colorfast, too.

4.Find high-quality designs

I doubt you’ll want to replace your restaurant bar uniforms regularly, which is why quality is a must. Double and triple-needle stitching add durability. The knit or weave of the fabric can make a big difference, too. Twill woven button-ups or pique knit polo shirts are extremely durable and lasting.

5.Consult your staff

It’s important that your team members feel good about the uniforms they wear. Your staff should feel confident and empowered, not embarrassed. Gather three to five options that you’re considering and, before making a final decision, ask your staff for opinions. They all might have a different “favorite,” but at least you will know which options your staff strongly dislikes. You can also have staff members pitch in by showing their creative side. Hold a contest where each employee comes up with a design for a custom t-shirt or polo shirt. Then put it to a vote!

These 5 tips can help you put your new restaurant bar uniform into motion so you will be professional and memorable to customers.

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