Top Custom Jacket Styles for Employee Appreciation

By Josh Clark

If you’re looking to show employee appreciation this fall or winter with practical corporate gifts that let your brand name shine, then be sure to gift custom outerwear. In a recent ad impressions study, consumers responded most positively to advertisers who provided customized outerwear. Users can recall the name on custom outerwear more than any other decorated product, so a custom jacket makes a big impression. To simplify the custom jacket shopping experience, our team recommends these four styles:

3-in-1 Jackets

The 3-in-1 jacket, or “system jacket,” is an impressive cold-weather garment. It provides an employee with two jackets—a liner and shell. The inner liner tends to be fleece and can be zipped out. The shell will be weather-resistant. The user can wear this jacket three different ways: only the shell, just the liner, or both jackets together. The advantage of the 3-in-1 jacket is that you could get both the liner and shell embroidered for twice the promotions. Typically very warm when worn as a unit, the 3-in-1 jacket option is ideal for companies located in areas with cold winters. It also makes a great gift for the yearly corporate retreat.

Leather Jackets

Leather says quality. It underscores your brand is quality, too. The leather jacket was a popular style on the runway this fall yet features timeless appeal. A personalized leather jacket is a lasting item that employees will value and enjoy wearing. Try a leather letterman jacket for a hip look. Or go classic in all leather. Employees can pull on a leather jacket over their standard office attire and look sharp while meeting clients for a business lunch.


Also big on the runway this fall was skiwear. This outerwear style makes an impressive statement beyond the runway, too. For companies near ski resorts, a custom ski jacket gives employees a practical piece to wear on the slopes during weekend getaways, as well as every day during the colder months. Stylish options include neon/vintage skiwear and modern leather-trimmed ski jackets. For companies with an active lifestyle culture, a custom ski jacket will be appreciated.

Soft Shells

One of the most popular styles for corporate jackets is the soft shell. This flexible style can suit any business. Soft shell jackets offer a stylish cut and lightweight feel yet still provide enough warmth. Soft shells are engineered to move with you, so they can be used as sportswear. These jackets also look smart over business attire and come in a range of designs and colors to complement your logo. These modern pieces are perfect options for any company looking to show employee appreciation.

What type of jacket does your company use for employee appreciation?

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