How to Select the Best Hospitality Uniforms for Your Team

By Josh Clark

The hospitality uniforms you choose can impact how your company is perceived by customers and how employees feel about their work. When chosen well, hospitality uniforms present a professional and high-quality appearance to those you are serving. They also help employees feel empowered, confident and positive about the work they do each day. Before selecting a uniform, keep these tips in mind.


1. Represent your brand

Use your uniforms as a marketing tool by designing them to represent your company’s brand. An embroidered logo, name or design will raise awareness about your business and can impact how customers perceive your company. It will also help employees feel like they are part of the team!

2. Choose comfortable materials and fits

When working in the hospitality industry, employees have to be pleasant and sociable, which is hard to do when they’re feeling uncomfortable. Choose materials that will allow your team to work effectively, such as ring-spun cotton or a nice cotton/polyester blend.

3. Opt for durable designs

Your employees work hard and you’ll need uniforms that can handle a little wear and tear. Pay attention to the fabric, stitching and features offered for each uniform you are considering. Double-needle or even triple-needle stitching on the hems and sleeves can ensure your polo shirts last longer than others.

4. Look for high-quality features

Uniforms that are resistant to moisture, snags, wrinkles, stains or color-fading can enhance comfort and prevent typical work-wear issues. Consider which features your employees and business would most benefit from before you start browsing online.

5. Search for affordable options

A professional, high-quality uniform shouldn’t have to come at a high cost. And it doesn’t. At Clothing Warehouse, you can find top brands at affordable prices. This is especially helpful when new employees are hired or uniforms become damaged and you need to buy replacements.

Choosing hospitality uniforms is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Consider which options would offer a positive impact on both your customers and employees before deciding on a final design.

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